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Thread: Is there a way to check if specific x,y has collision with background or active?

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    Is there a way to check if specific x,y has collision with background or active?

    I mean, without using "detector actives", which are quite costly if you need to have many of them in a scene.

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    i think schrodinger came up with a solution to detect collision using math instead of using detector actives. if ur lucky he'll answer here

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    well, not a proper full-round method, it's more a set of strategies

    I guess best strategy depends specifically on what you have and what you need.
    A detector can be a good way too, unless you need to check against "moving objects" (say no... )
    in that case you'd be at "overlap-delay" risk.

    You won't generally need to have X detector for X tests,
    but just 1 detector iterated through X tests, that makes things much better for Fusion.
    Fusion's builtin overlap test, if performed for "fine detection" >> against a not-squared shape, will be easily faster then math checks
    (it obviously does the math checks under the hood, but does it quicker than we can do with the expression editor)

    If you don't need "fine" detection, or if you have a simple enough shape,
    which can be defined mathematically without too much calculations
    (i.e. square, rectangle, circle, triangle is already a bit more expensive..)
    then a "point-in-polygon" math check can be a good strategy

    i.e. for square/rectangle is really quick and simple:

    Xleft <= testX
    Xright >= testX
    Ytop <= testY
    Ybottom >= testY

    Then for backdrops you can use the slightly hidden feature under:
    storyboard controls - collision mask - "is obstacle"
    that does exactly that

    (edit: of course all of this when speaking of "collisions" in the sense of detecting if a given point is within a given boundary in the given "test" moment,
    but when to perform the test or which points to test etc. is another set of strategies that I think mostly depends on the object movement, shape, etc..)

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