Not so Long, Long ago the world of Tyrra...

For those who are not familiar with LARPing.
It's simply a Live Action Role Playing.
Where We Become the Adventure IKR ~sounds like the good old days playing table top Dungeons and Dragons~ It's a nice way to feel like we're playing a game but Moving in REAL combat, Sweating and Feeling good getting Healthy Because we're all Animals deep down inside and have that desire to experience reality than Pixelty (i just made that word up lol) sitting there button sMashing, spending all those countless days and hours in on out just to get a Magic Item and all that jazz lol. I prefer the Real thing but that's just me. Think of the best vacation fantasy experience EVER. And BAMMMO your in the mitts of it; that is EXACTLY what you'll Experience, if you haven't already. Anyways lol IKR it all seems so surreal lol. But it's not. And A LOT of folks do it these days. It's Fun. But Anyways... time is of the essence... IN Dungeon(s) and Dragon(s) []D&D[] WE NEEDs a Game Master. Haha a person that creates the reality they all play with Foam Swords, Make-up FACE-OFF anyone? YEP you get to experience that if you wanna NPC, being the monster's they all slay... but in there they needz a Puppet Master aka GM aka Game Master. And I am creating a tool for that Game Master to control her/his Game. NERO is the LARGEST and OLDEST srry for caps but I hafta emphasize Sorry about the above babble I just wanted y'all to know what I am doing if that makes any sense at all. When tackling on a project it's good to know what we're getting ourselves into. So yeah. I have been a Klicker since Klick n Play... LONG TIME AGO I devised the First Online Bomberman clone and then that Tigerworks Nerd stole my idea and made it better? Man I really dislike that kid... but yeah Not in a bad way but man I was helping him and Chris Carson create Tank Nova or something like that. but Tigs wanted to make his copy... yeah he is a COPYCAT from the GROUND up. Construct? I mean COME ON NOW... ugh. That is Disgusting... I am a TRUE KLICKER Sorry Just had to Rant. Also I helped compiled the first CLICK disc. Yes the First, and then Chris rocketed his company off!...Tigerworks went his own way Copying Everything! Exploding Bacons! C'mon NOW It was Bomber Arena. BOMBER ARENA but Yeah I was in College... Had too many Bills to pay. But I am begging the Click Community to Help me with this Project, Jeff I know you my Man, even if you don't know me. Maybe y'all can lead me to someone to figure this out or troubleshoot my problem. It wouldn't be a problem because I thought I had all my problems solved if I bought the Android Exporter But I thought bam yes piece of cake to compile my PC version to the Android phone in ONE CLICK... but nope. lol I'mma a noob. Too many Extensions not able to be ported and all that jazz. And I keep getting *Sighs ^_^
I need something by December 15th I can pay someone only a small amount though I am broke *sighs If I don't get this Beta I am in deep deep trouble... :*(

Apologizes for any miss-spellings or grammar I am kinda under a Crunch. *ugh but yeah I Hope someone Understands me and can be my Savior... *crosses his fingers

If you can help me, here is how you can contact me. FB, or cell []7032009547[] I prefer text messages. I am kinda shy...*Yelps.

pictures below go in this order. []First[] Pic of "Cannot compile it to Android." []Second[] Pic of The message that comes up after I hope this helps[]Third[] Pic of What the app should look like on the phone []Fourth[] Pic of the app fullscreen to help understand where I'm going lol Thanks for Reading!

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