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Thread: Where wherw would I find more advanced Clickteam tutorials?

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    Question Where wherw would I find more advanced Clickteam tutorials?

    I have learned all the basic stuff (a platformer, a space invaders clone, chocobreak, etc) but I can't seem to find more advanced tutorials. Do they even exist? The only tutorials that I've seen that look even remotely advanced are the thousands of "Make a FNaF clone!" videos, and that won't even help me much for what I want to make in the end (a Zelda-ish action RPG).

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    Did you check the Faulty Flap and ChocoBreak HD tutorials? They are available in Fusion, in the Menu Bar > Help > Tutorial or from the URLs below.

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    Check out clickteams tutorial page, it has tutorials for different levels of skill:

    Also check out AlmightyZenTaco's YouTube channel, he has a bunch of good tutorials for Fusion:

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    There is a site called search and there are tons of video tutorials.
    Almighty Taco has a lot of videos

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    1 Thread(s) has an article section with lots of handy stuff. It's very old however so a lot of the image hosting in the articles have expired sadly. I learnt a ton from there back in the day. Nivram also hosts a bunch of free examples here:

    Other than that you can try browsing the ClickStore for the various examples people sell. You can also ask here on the forums if you already know what you want to do and just need to figure out how.

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