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Thread: Tutorials or advice to make a simple calculations program?

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    Tutorials or advice to make a simple calculations program?

    Hello, I want to make a program for simple calculations containing three input boxes (one to insert a wage amount, one to insert a % increase and one to show the new wage after having applied the % increase) and two buttons, one to Calculate and one to Clear Screens. I believe that Jeff made video tutorials for similar inputs, calculations and outputs but can't find it on this site. Can anybody assist? Any suggestions would be most welcome!

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    Is what you were looking for?

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    I had a play around with the expression editor and input files. The text to numeric value doesn't work well and you can only use integers. I'm guessing if you're wanting to calculate wages you'll be wanting to use floating point numbers.
    I would probably go about making this using + and - buttons to add/subtract 1000's, 100's, 10's etc from counters (set to handle floating point to 2 decimal places). Probably not the best way to go about but it's the only way I can think of and I'm pretty sure it would work.

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