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Thread: How to make it so something repeatedly happens when something collides?

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    Question How to make it so something repeatedly happens when something collides?

    I want to make it so that my character slowly loses health while it is touching a specific type floor tile. However, I can only get it to make the health go down bit by bit and only when I jump onto the tile instead of just walking onto it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    You haven't really given enough information. Try to be more in detail when making posts . . . we know nothing about your game and you haven't provided visual references. Are you using the built in platform movement? 8 directional movement? Custom movement? What does your code currently look like?

    Assuming this is for a side scrolling game - a universal solution would be to make a detector that sits 1 pixel below your character object.

    Then code this event:

    "Detector" is overlapping "Bad Tile"
    - Run damage code.

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    It sounds like you have made a collision event, make an overlapping one.

    Player over laps tile
    +every 00.10 sec
    -->subtract 1 hp

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    To clarify, the “X Collides with Y” condition returns true once when a collision occurs. It will not return true again until it returns false first. This is why you need to move off the tile and back on to it to get it to work.

    As Zip2kx said, you probably need to use the “ X is Overlapping Y” condition. That always returns true as long as X and Y overlap.

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    Maybe adding something like (Always) If player overlapping object every ____ second subtract health from counter (Or whatever type of health bar your using)

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