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Thread: How does pick an object really works ?

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    Question How does pick an object really works ?

    I am searching for something like Pick instances in Construct (especially Pick by comparison or Pick by evaluate)

    I use multiple instances of objects noted by fixed value, or by an variable named "id".

    Let's say I use an active for collisions and an active for the animation that the player sees. The only way that I could get it to work was by making a "count object loop" for each animation and in that loop to check if the animation has the "id" variable corresponding with the active for collision.

    If I simply use
    Variable "id" of animation = Fixed value of enemy -> This will not apply only to that animation, will apply to all... Is more like just a condition (that is true).

    Or I have more instances of one single "Edit Box". Is really hard to choose one and get it's content. I've had an easier way to clone it and make more separate objects, but when I make a change, I have to edit them all.

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