In this Clickteam Fusion 2.5 tutorial from the Academy, we will learn how to generate our own crash logs for our game dev and app dev projects. 90% of the time, game and app developers rely on their "testers" to demo the game or app and send back information such as "When did it crash?" "How did it crash?" and you have to solve the logic behind the ultimate question... "WHY did it crash?".

Whilst nobody expects you to know all the answers (nor Clickteam) it's not appropriate to point the blame towards the Clickteam Fusion runtime if your game or app is crashing. First you must try and collect as much information from your testers as possible. This is done mostly in the form of Screenshots and/or Videos and information they may have. However, sometimes, this is just not enough.

In this Clickteam tutorial video, we will look at how we can create our very own crash log system together.It makes for an interesting watch and you can develop your own for any platform, gathering any kind of information.