I have been working on a couple of projects for some time now with two partners.
We have displayed our projects at a couple of game exhibitions and have also been in contact with several game-publishers.
However, nothing has really come of it all since we never had the proper help we needed in order to make our prototypes shine.

A member of the team has now departed and we need to fill his spot with a talented pixel-artist who can animate and/or create static background objects in a graphical style that fits our already finished artwork.
We are looking for someone who can:
* Animate human characters (walking, idle, jump, punch/kick, falling, etc.)
* Animate effects (blood-splatter, explosions, smoke/dust, rain, fire etc.)
* Animate small animals (birds, rats, dogs, etc.)
* Create static background objects (fire hydrant, signs, garbage bins, etc.)

We have now begun re-building our oldest project (the one we had the most success with) in order to make a solid prototype/demo out of it, so that we can pitch the game to game-publishers.
Most of the work is already done, but there are some gaps in the graphics that needs to be filled.
We are aiming towards displaying the project to a big retro-game exhibition in May, so that will be our deadline for finishing the prototype/demo.

If you are interested and confident that you can deliver quality artwork to our project, then please email me at: ab_crayon_sc@hotmail.com or feel free to leave a comment/question here.
We, ourselves are working on this project for free, but can offer payment, if the pricing is reasonable.

Below is an old trailer to our very first prototype of the game:

This is the project we are re-building into a much more solid version.

You can also find more info on our other project at www.digitalpunch.se and a small mobile game we released recently at https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...punch.chillout