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Thread: Adobe activeX component crashes application

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    Post Adobe activeX component crashes application

    I am using Adobe PDF Reader activeX in my application to view and print pdf files.
    Everything works fine for users that use up to XI version of the reader. If the user has the most recent version of the Reader installed (DC) then the application crashes and an error message appears (view attachment).
    The problem seems that is happening because windows register Adobe pdf activeX to the wrong key:
    [ Cannot use control \"Adobe PDF Reader\" registered at
    {CA8A9780-280D-1 1CF-A24D-444553540000} in this computer registry:
    Unable to find any programming interface ]

    This key does not even exist!!!

    The same thing happened after I installed Adobe Reader DC in my laptop and I could not even open the mfa file of my application! I even tried making a new application and the moment I chose Adobe PDF reader from the activeX menu the error message appeared and Multimedia Fusion crashed too!

    Any help would be much appreciated ... The only solution I have right now is to ask my clients to downgrade to an older version of Adobe Reader.
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