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Thread: The Amazing Bernard 2.0!

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    The Amazing Bernard 2.0!

    The Amazing Bernard 2.0 is out now on iOS and it is more than just an update, it's a whole new game! Most importantly the game is now totally FREE! Chapters 2 and 3 are now free-to-play and the only in-app purchase in the game are coins that are used to upgrades powers or unlock new heroes. No ads at all either. There is actually more new content being added to the game than the what came with the original game itself. Some of that content includes:

    -NEW PLAYABLE HEROES! Each with totally unique play styles that change the game, you can now unlock and play as Anna and Barron in the...
    -NEW CHALLENGE MODE! Now all 30 Levels come with 5 different variations and objectives with each hero getting their own set of challenges. Can you complete all 450 Challenge Levels!?
    -NEW ENDLESS RUNNER WAGERS! Wager coins to earn coins on each Endless Runner Stage. The more you wager, the higher the multiplier on each coin you catch while running!
    -NEW ACHIEVEMENTS! Complete Levels without using a checkpoint and earn a Perfect, test your mettle and see if you can achieve perfection on every level!
    -GAME IMPROVEMENTS! A faster Bernie, balance tweaks on every level, menu upgrades and perhaps a few other hidden gems to find.

    Here's a gameplay trailer to see for The Amazing Bernard 2.0 in action, thanks!

    And a link to the game on the App Store:

    The Amazing Bernard on the App Store Link

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    Congrats!!!. Beautiful game

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