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Thread: NPC Movement/Dialogue - How do I make a cutscene-like scripted conversation?

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    NPC Movement/Dialogue - How do I make a cutscene-like scripted conversation?

    Hi guys,

    So I want to open my platform action adventure game with a scene that combines player movement with some scripted dialogue and animations. The Player walks in from the left side (using controls), and is stopped by an invisible obstacle when they reach the center. I've got that part working!

    Meanwhile, I want an NPC to move toward the Player from the right side and meet them at the center, stop and say something with a text bubble and animation. The player character responds with a text bubble - they go back and forth a few times, then movement is restored so the Player can move around again until they run into another invisible obstacle that triggers the next dialogue scene.

    So - there will be plenty of regular platforming action going on in the game, but at points, I want to trigger scripted scenes of interaction between the player and NPCs.

    I don't plan on having any dialogue options for the user to choose - just pre-scripted exchanges.

    I'll also want multiple NPCs to contribute to some of these exchanges - one NPC says something, then another one interjects, then back to the first NPC, for example.

    I'm not sure how to do any of that! Can anyone point me in the right direction?
    Thank you!

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    The answer changes depending on how complex you want to make this. You could probably hard code it all with events but if you want something more flexible here's a very primitive little cutscene thing I put together. I tried keeping it simple so you can expand on it yourself. For it to work you'll need to grab the String Parser extension, which is freely available on the Extension Manager.

    Basically it'll read a list of commands(say, move, create, etc) and execute them until the script is over. If you double click the List object to the top-right in the Frame Editor you can see the list of actions that plays out when you press Run Application.

    Since I used "," as a delimiter it'll most likely get in the way of your dialog text(chopping it apart whenever you use the "," symbol). You could simply exchange it for different delimiter from a very rarely used symbol. However I suggest instead of feeding it direct text like "Hiya!!" I think that you should write a key name that you match with a localization file(like an ini or array). Imagine the say(0,0,Hello!) command instead was say(0,0,scene1Text1) then you check your ini file for the item. It could look like this:


    This way you can easily exchange languages by just having different ini files with the same items names but different content in the items. Also you won't have to worry about the content messing with the parsing.
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