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Thread: Hey! not trying to bump!

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    Hey! not trying to bump!

    Not trying to bump or flood but I wanted to make sure I posted this in the right place.

    I hit a snag. I am making a top down 360 degree shooter. I want to use the brackets to switch the weapon, and in turn it switches the players bullet to match. I have it partially working but it seems to be a slight bit broken at the same time. There are 11 weapons so there are at least 11 different animations all synced. Yet something just is off and it is only partially functioning. If anyone could take the time to talk to me in real time and help me understand how to fix this, I would very much appreciate it.

    Here is my mfa.

    Basically the problem is, I want to use the brackets [ ] to switch the weapon and bullet emitted, but the brackets seem to jump randomly and not correspond to the counter.

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    Hi TTP, sorry but I cannot view your mfa, but I assume you have the Event as something like: 'Repeat while key or pressed' (then [ or ] for the weapon selection)? Try 'Upon pressing a key' instead and add 1 (]) or subtract 1 ([) to a global value and attached each weapon to a number in the global value. Hopefully each press of the bracket will switch the weapon?

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