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Thread: Can you help me to make 8 Direction Movement + Jumps

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    Unhappy Can you help me to make 8 Direction Movement + Jumps

    Can you help me to make 8 Direction Movement with jumping? In fact it will only use only left and right directions, just I can't do gravity and my own variables to make to character jump.

    I newbie here =(

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    many ways to do this, just a simple one would be...
    you need 2 actives:
    1= shadow (this will be the 8 dir moving obiect)
    2= character image - this will be the animated character - it just follows the ground shadow.

    you make a marker ( or shadow ) as the 8 direction moving object. you then always position the character on that shadow. when you jump, you do an up and down Y positional change with the character.

    always set character's X position to the shadow's X position
    always set character's Y position to the shadow's Y position + jump variable

    if player presses jump button; set the jump variable to -5 (example) and set a flag ON (to say you are jumping)

    If Jumping Flag is ON; add 1 to jump variable
    if jump variable = 5; then set jumping flag to OFF : set the jump variable to 0 << this will end any downward momentum

    * i use -5 and 5 as an example of the jump height - this value could be anything, but make them both the same +/- number value.

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