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Thread: Android - Application activity after minimizing.

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    Lightbulb Android - Application activity after minimizing.


    Is it possible to run the Android application in the background? For example, in my application there are three counters to read the movements of the phone (accelerometer).
    After minimizing the application, counters stop, and the entire application is frozen until I maximize it.

    I tested ALL options and extensions I know. How to run app in background on Android device (Galaxy S7 Edge)? . Just do not say it is impossible .

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    did you unchecked "end application if foreground"? it's under android properties.

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    No this won't do, the application will be in background, but not running, waiting from user to bring it back.

    the running code in the background are services, so you must code your own extension that trigger this services and report back when is brought from background.

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