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Thread: Mac editor vs running parallels

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    Question Mac editor vs running parallels

    Hi, I have held off looking at the mac editor, but as now more of my time is spent on an imac I have a question - already said in the post title.

    Are there significant advantages in running the official mac version compared to using the windows version running in parallels VM?


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    Before the Mac editor was available I used to run CTF 2.5 in VMware which is very much like Parallels. Since getting the Mac editor I no longer have to use Windows at all and I find it very snappy and convenient. For me it's an advantage being able to instantly start up the mac editor instead of having to wait for the Windows desktop to load up in VMware. The experience of using Windows inside VMware slows the computer down too, as you have to allocate a chunk of your available RAM to the virtual desktop. There is only one possible downside I can see, and that is not being able to use Direct3D for Windows, though I'm not sure whether you can do that in a virtual desktop anyway.

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    It's more convenient to not have to open a VM of course, but the "Mac version" (just a slightly modified version in a WINE wrapper... not even hiding that fact) actually runs slower than it does in a VM.

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