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Thread: When was the Object Properties flags value option added under Alterable String value?

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    When was the Object Properties flags value option added under Alterable String value?

    In the bottom left corner when you click on an active object, hit the [A-Z] button to bring up the Alt. Values, and Alt. Strings value. However, Seeing the Flags option right under Alterable Strings value is very new to me. When was this added? I haven't touched CT Fusion in like a year or so. This must have been recent.

    Was the reason to add that was so that we could rename the flags now? Otherwise, I assume the boxes to the left unchecked mean the flag is off, and checked means the flag is on at the start of the app?

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    2 updates ago we got the ability to name flags.

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    It would be perfect by adding also global flags with global values.

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