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Thread: Question about Qualifiers

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    Question about Qualifiers

    I have never used Qualifiers before. So say that I'm making a quiz game. Do I have a Qualifier for the answers or do I have a Qualifier for both the correct answers AND the incorrect answers?

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    The way I understood how qualifiers work, lets say you have 2 objects. They both have Qualifier A. In the script, lets say always -> move qualifier A right. Both 2 objects will move to the right.

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    I'm not sure a qualifier is the way to go with a Quiz game. While you can use them to group objects together, this would essentially prevent you from mixing up the locations of the correct answer, unless you go out of your way to change that with every question, which... well that level of in-depth coding would defeat the purpose of having the qualifier in the first place. You also can't assign qualifiers at runtime, which means you can't use them as a way to denote an answer as correct when the question changes.

    What would probably work better is having just having two active objects: one for Correct and one for Incorrect answers, and not worry about Qualifiers. You can then Create whatever number of Incorrect answers you need. If a player clicks a Correct Answer object, they move on. You can make them, say, as radio buttons, or as invisible overlays on top of your answer strings.

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