So I'm making a mini harvest moon style game but I'm having trouble with the plots of land you're supposed to plant your crops in.

How it's set up is that there's a 10 x 10 grid of "soil" active objects with 2 alterable values: Tended and ID

At the start of frame, I spread ID 1 across all the soil actives

When the player uses their hoe on the soil tiles, it changes the Tended value to 1. If they use their watering can on the tile while Tended is 1, it changes Tended to 2.

Now, I'm having trouble because whenever the player loads the game or leaves the frame, it doesn't save the Tended value of the soil.

I'm trying to find a way to save these values to an Array and load it at the start of frame, however none of the tutorials I can find help me. Because I have the free version of Fusion and am working in MMF2, many of the examples people have posted are inaccessible to me.

Does anyone know how to save these variables to an array?