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Thread: Creating other programs than games with Fusion or MMF2 ?

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    Question Creating other programs than games with Fusion or MMF2 ?


    I would like to know what kind of programs you can create with Fusion 2.5 or MMF2 aside from games? I know it's intended for game-creation primarily, but still..
    Can you create a mp3-player? Or a simple mediaplayer? a podcast-player? A countdown-timer? An eBook reader? In brief I'm looking for tutorials that can guide one to create such programs.

    There are many great Clickteam-tutorials but they solely focus on games, and I would like to be able to create other things with the tools provided by Clickteam :-)

    Best wishes

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    Yes. you can create Apps with it as well. Not just games. There should be some sample/example programs that come with the package that should give you some ideas for what CT Fusion can do. I am pretty sure you can make most of those things that you have listed with CT Fusion.

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    Yes, with the right extensions, a bit of ingenious hackery, and a lot of know-how, you can make just about anything in Fusion!
    For instance, for a Podcast player, you'd probably be looking for some kind of network connected extension (like Lacewing) to grab the file, then load the podcast as an external sound, with play/pause buttons, and voila! Sure it's a bit more complicated than that, especially say when it comes to browsing for files, but it wouldn't be a massive undertaking.

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    Fusion is pretty much limitless. It all about the extensions. I've made extensions for client patching that uses a custom protocol and one more recently that uses HTTP. Audio streaming. proprietary cabinet file explorer that utilised a proprietary encryption and compression. Game trainers and launchers. I even made a HTML editor back in the day.

    Fusion works very well for making media CDs that have interactive demonstrations also.

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