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Thread: Getting the game to run on different resolutions

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    Getting the game to run on different resolutions

    How can I get my game to run on other resolutions other than 1920x1080 while retaining perfect visuals? I have tried to run the game on a 1366x768 monitor and it looks really choppy and bad. I have also turned on the anti-aliasing and it looks way to blurry.

    What I want it to do it detect the users resolution and divide it but 2 or 3 until it is pixel perfect
    Than set it the frame size to that resolution and then go into full screen...

    Is this method at all possible or efficient?
    Thanks for any help I can get!

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    I have not had a problem with poor graphics re-sizing from 1920 x 1080 to a different resolution just using Fusion's built-in commands.

    The buttons I normally have ticked are:

    Full screen: Keep screen ratio

    Options: Resize display to fill window size
    Anti-aliasing when resizing

    And then sometimes - Fit inside (black bars) but it creates black bars even in the exact right resolution so I try to avoid it as much as possible.

    But it might also depend on the graphics you're using - hand-drawn / cartoon graphics don't scale as well as computer generated / rendered graphics.

    (Maybe the other monitor you ran your game on doesn't have the correct display settings - if the brightness and gamma is set wrong the game will look rubbish.)

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    Use the Ultimate Full Screen object. It's a God send for me -

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