I just found out about a rather strange problem with my MMF2 game (Soko Banish) - apparently it freezes/crashes on a frame where it tries to load files/folders from its sub-directories, but only if the game was installed somewhere in C:\Program Files (x86)\.

What happens for me (Windows 8.1) is that the game partially loads the folder/file lists and then freezes and stops responding. My fiancé running Windows 10 also gets error pop-ups regarding stdrt.exe and ntdll.dll. I've been able to reproduce this problem 100% and only if the installation folder is somewhere in that specific directory (installing to an identically named directory on a different drive works fine (so the folder name is not the issue), as does installing it elsewhere on the C:\ drive).

Possibly relevant objects I'm using are Ini++, Array, Archive Object, File Object and several List Objects (less likely to be the cause, as the lists load partially before the application stops responding). Does anyone have an idea what may be happening and if it can be fixed?

Thanks in advance!