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Thread: Memory Help and Optimization Help

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    Question Memory Help and Optimization Help

    Hi. I am updating an old FNAF-styled game of mine called Project Readjusted. Currently it is using 1,300 (around that) mb for memory (that number in the debugger) and even the phone calls won't even play, nor will the camera blip. When I get home, I will be doing the following-

    Change big images to .png8
    Downscale images then rescale (some of them)
    Uncheck Anti-Aliasing if it's on
    Destroy character counters if not in use
    Uncheck the transparent effect on most counters

    Is there anything differently I should do? I have tons of counters, and I made sure to check up on the object count.
    I've checked up on other threads but none of them are for FNAF styled games that worked.

    If anyone could help, that'd be great.

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    A few other things you can do:

    1. Replace your "tons of counters" with alterable values on a single object. You can increment them the same way as a counter but you'll save on object count big time.
    2. Also make sure to uncheck "Save Background" on various actives. Uncheck this, transparency, visible, etc. especially on objects not in frame.
    3. Don't create every object at start, only the ones you really need. Otherwise create objects and runtime when you need them, and be smart about destroying them.
    4. Load any files externally that you can (graphics, levels, etc.). This will save a TON on resources.

    Good luck!

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    If you're not loading external files, all of your images will automatically be converted to bitmap anyway.. so if you want to use PNG's you must load them externally at runtime.

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