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Thread: Help required with Quiz object

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    Help required with Quiz object

    Hi there!

    Quick question...

    Im trying to use quiz object to use as a form, have the user fill in the form, and then it save the answers.

    I predetermined the form questions and users fill in the answers, it then saves a report file however...

    How do i get the quiz object to SAVE THE ANSWERS/RESPONSES? Currently it just saves correct/incorrect answers, time ect...

    Also is there a way to save reports as a slightly different ascending file name other than REPORT001, REPORT002 ext?


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    Hello ,
    maybe you can build your form with other objects than the quiz.
    For instance , use edit objects for each form line , add a button object to "submit" , then save the contents of each edit text to an ini file. There are tutorials on using the ini object. Some other objects can store text : the array object can do it if I remember well.

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