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Thread: Hiding an Active behind something else.

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    Hiding an Active behind something else.

    This could be a REALLY short thread....but.... I cant find a way to hide an active object under something else.

    For example............

    1. Active Object A is a train.
    2. Active Object B is a tunnel.

    I want the Active Object A to move across the screen, and when it comes to Active Object B, it goes behind it...which makes it look like its entering the tunnel.

    Now Active Object B does NOT have to be an Active Object.... It can be a picture or whatever. As long as Active Object A goes behind it Im not bothered.

    I cant get my brain in gear today to think this one through, so if anyone can quickly help me that would be great!


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    You can place object B on a layer above the layer object A currently resides in to always force the specific order. This can be done through the Layer toolbar (View > Toolbars > Layers Toolbar)

    I think that's the only way if object B is a background, but you can move the order of active objects through the frame and event editors.
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    Train overlapping Tunnel => Order to back

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    Use layers (press CTRL + K) and be smart about the order in which you create your objects.

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