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Thread: Surface Object frame rate lag

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    Surface Object frame rate lag


    Bit of an advanced question here. My surface object fills the screen (e.g. 1280 x 800), however just the existence of the surface object gives frame rate lag (dropping from around 1000 fps to 300 fps). I am using the surface object for a fog of war system.

    The surface object needs to have polygons and such drawn onto it to reveal parts of the explored map. I found an action on the surface object under "Settings > Convert to HWA texture" that boosts the fps up to 1000, but locks the surface object in place, and can no longer have anything drawn onto it.

    I was wondering if anyone has some good experience with the surface object, and has any advice for me with regards to the surface object, or perhaps even a fog of war system in general. Or perhaps there's even another object for drawing onto a canvas. It's important that I am able to constantly draw polygons during runtime.



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    I would like to find some expert too

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    I've also noticed that the surface object is way less performant when it comes to doing things like blitting pixels/objects on every frame (as in "frame rate" frame). In my current project, I'm generating a 256x192 display from array data once per frame, and results using the Surface object were less than stellar....30fps or less generating a display of that size per frame. The Active Overlay/Overlay Redux object has far less features than the surface, but performance is way better. If you don't need any Surface object-specific functionality, using the overlay could be an alternative.

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