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Thread: Duel Toys 2.5 - also, source code

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    Duel Toys 2.5 - also, source code

    Hey guys, my fangame is up, I just wanted to get this game out of the way, will probably start working on my own project now!

    I made this game years ago and I just wanted to add sbox controller support, ended up doing more than that.

    download link is here:

    aaannnnnd source code is here:

    the file is as it is, sorry, there are parts in portuguese, parts not explained and a lot of messy code. I could refine it and sell at the click store but i dont want to spend any more time in this game.

    But if you have any doubts i can try to explain in here.

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    - hadouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuken!!!

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    Wow thanks, I'm going to be studying your technique. Very generous indeed.

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