When I was messing with the keyboard object to write a script to change key controls, I noticed something when I was setting my controls. When I pressed the '\' key, it comes up as ']' and vice versa.
However, using the control X object, when I press ']', it displays as "none". So pressing '\' it comes up as some weird symbol.

Long story short, the ']' key and the '\' key (the key usually beside the ']' key) seem to be inverted. Is this a glitch in the object, or does it depend on the keyboard? There is no way for me to know if it's the keyboard object script error in reading the keys as strings, or if it's just a keyboard thing, Anyone else find this wrong?

While it's not an issue in terms of game play key inputs, just seems like an error in defining which key input was pressed, I want to say?.

EDIT: Another thing I noticed, certain keys like [Caps Lick], [Insert], [Home], [Page Up], [Delete], [End], [Page Down] do not display their name text string.