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Thread: Platform Movement / Collision Problem - Will not activate second condition

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    Platform Movement / Collision Problem - Will not activate second condition

    I've been working on a platformer game example/lesson for my class and have run into a problem.

    The player is set to Platform movement and moves along a backdrop (obstacle) "ground". I have an event in which the player collides with a "trigger" active object at the level of the ground and a second object is destroyed. A second action on the same line causes the player object to stop when it collides with the "trigger" active object, so the player doesn't fall through.

    When I run the program, the player doesn't fall through the "trigger" object, but the second object is not destroyed. However, if the player jumps (mapped to spacebar in example), the second object is destroyed.

    I've tried changing the sequence (destroy => stop / stop => destroy) with no effect.

    I couldn't find anything on this specific problem in my search - hopefully someone has a suggestion.

    The attached file is a simplified example of what I'm trying to do.
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    I would recommend adding a "foot" detector object always attached below the player to make these things easier. Make condition "foot" collision with object "[A], do "this".

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