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Thread: Problems with Jump to Frame

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    Unhappy Problems with Jump to Frame

    Hello everyone.

    I'm making a small point and click game, and ran into a problem when trying to jump to another frame.

    The frame goes like this:
    -The player gets an item
    -That item allows a diferent object to make certain objects in screen appear.
    -Two of those objects that appear are arrows.
    -When the arrows are clicked, they make a sound AND jump the player to another frame.

    Problem is, it seems like the events for the player clicking the arrows don't work, as neither the sound is played and the Jump to frame never happens. I'm testing this out by running the whole aplication.

    If I try running only the frame by itself, one of the arrows actually makes the sound, while the other one plays the sound AND closes the aplication (I have no idea as to why it closes the app in the Run frame option, but by running the app, both arrows do nothing).

    With other frame jumps I've had no problems at all, but those previous frames are visited only once, while the frame that gives me some troubles is actually a recurring frame for a puzzle, could that be a reason as to why this happens?

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    Could you share a mfa to search for the problem?

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    You could make an event so where if the arrows appear you can set a counter to be set to like "1"

    And if the counter is set to "1" and the "left" (Example direction) arrows is clicked, you can jump to the other frame.

    You can also make the arrows have their own numbers on a counter such as.

    -If "Left" arrow is clicked, then set counter to "2"
    -If counter is set to "2" jump to frame ____

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