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Thread: Kriegshund: Historical Fantasy RPG

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    Kriegshund: Historical Fantasy RPG

    Kriegshund is a story driven RPG set in a fantasy version of Europe. In the game you control Alaric, who was once a member of an early German weapon program known as the “Kriegshund Project.” Alaric’s journey jumps from the year 1920, when he is recruited to stop a communist force from invading the Nordic nation of Laxaria, and his memories of World War 1 (1914-1918).

    Some features of the game include:
    -Nonlinear levels and dungeons
    -Several different guns you can buy and craft
    -Leveling system that rewards persistence but does not require grinding
    -Intricate narrative spanning multiple decades with a focus on character development
    -Optional collectibles and sidequest to reward those who diverge from the main story

    If you have time please try out the beta and provide feedback:

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