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Thread: Knockback based on attack direction

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    Knockback based on attack direction

    Hi, I need help with some complex formulas. My game is an 8 direction topdown RPG. When my players sword collides with an enemy, I just want one event to determine sword direction and knockback the enemy the correct direction.

    Right now, I have to use conditions like:

    If sword is facing direction right, then position enemy x+10

    and do that for all directions. Anyone know the formula I can use to do it in just one event?

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    You can use the angle from the player to the enemy, and apply knockback that way with sin/cos functions: angle knockback.mfa (arrow keys move enemy, spacebar pushes back)

    Now it will get knocked back perfectly no matter what angle it's at with one event (you can set the angle in the knockback event itself if you want). Make sure to use the angle from player to enemy instead of sword to enemy, unless you specifically need the sword to control the angle. It might make your enemy shoot towards the player depending on where your sword's hotspot is.

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    Looks like you need cos and sin

    Set X = currentX + cos(direction / 11.25) * 10
    Set Y = currentY - sin(direction / 11.25) * 10

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