Hey guys,

Having a strange problem that I can't seem to replicate. I have attached an example file showing just the frames to see the problem.

In the example, the issue is when I save the "Level - Field" frame (by running it) and load it with the "Level Load" frame. The objects load in fine but they don't auto tile as they should.

I then recreated the frames as TestSave and TestLoad to see if I could replicate the problem but they work fine when saving and loading in these.

I'm led to believe it's not the loading of the frame "Level Load" but rather the saving, as it works when saving with "TestSave" and then loading in "Level Load". However I can't find any differences between "Level - Field" and "TestSave". Also happens when saving in "Level - Field" and loading in "TestLoad".

To play with these you'll need to create an array file named "field.arr" in a data folder.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense!example.mfa