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Thread: How could I set up a functioning clothing system?

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    How could I set up a functioning clothing system?

    My game requires that players can wear different clothing. This would also need to appear on everyone's screen through lacewing. I have experimented with having an Active object for each clothing with all its animations and creating / positioning them through an ID system. This system seems to not work and be very inefficient. Does anyone help any advice or help with this? I also need this system to be very expandable because there will be hundreds of clothing types.
    Thanks for any help!

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    @Raok Efficiency is something you can calculate about after the system works.

    I would either send a message on channel join and peer connect, or put it as part of the player's name and use a string tokeniser.

    The ID system would be my way as well. Assign each clothing active an ID, and match it to a player, moving them with
    + Always
    - Start Foreach on Player

    + Foreach on Player
    + ID("Clothing") = ID("Player") [don't use Compare Two General Values]
    - Set Clothing to Player position

    If you want faster support from me, you'd be better off asking on Clickteam Discord.

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