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Thread: Joystick 2 object only working on some frames

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    Question Joystick 2 object only working on some frames

    I've been using the Joystick 2 object for my games for several years and overall it works fine.
    However in my current project the Joystick 2 object now only works on some frames, while on others it doesnt respond at all!
    I haven't changed anything in particular with my Joystick 2 code and a few days ago my Xbox 360 controller and 8bitdo-snes controller worked flawlessly.
    But now the controllers only respond at the Start screen, but when i enter the game, nothing happends?

    I have set up every frame the same as well:

    - Start of Frame
    + Joystick 2 object: Poll for new devices

    nothing is different in between the frames. they are all set up in the same way.
    and like i said: a few days ago it all worked flawlessly. but now it only works at the start screen and nowhere else?

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    maybe just an experiment try

    +Joystick 2 object: Poll for new devices

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