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Thread: File becomes corrupted right after a routine test of just one part

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    Exclamation File becomes corrupted right after a routine test of just one part


    I was working on a game that took me hours (I'm still working though work is stopped until a final solution for this problem is found) to finish, and after I did a routine test, it became corrupted at one point.

    After the corruption happened, one level and the storyline disappeared, but the rest remained. After I reopened CF2.5 Developer (build 284.5) I then noticed that frame #3 (the title screen) is missing, but three other frames disappeared too. A level, the storyline and strangely the game over screen.

    And now I may need to seek help because of such thing. I made a backup of the then-corrupted file (as a .mfa file) and I found a .001 file which appears corrupted!

    Now, I guess if there is any way of recovering the file? P.S. The original is 67 megabytes in size, though I may include a link to Google Drive if it is allowed in here.


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    Please register the product in the Passport at the top.
    284.5 is very old update to the latest one.
    Also cracked version of 284.5 will makes the MFA corrupted

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