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Thread: I have a few questions

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    Question I have a few questions

    Hello, I have fusion 2.5 developer on steam. So in hindsight i can upload to steam directly i'm planning a free to play platformer and i need to be able to save files so people can stop playing and start again where they left off, but i was wondering how too. I'm not new to fusion i get a decent chunk i went to a vocation high-school half the day for game design and we used fusion so i get some of it but the book we used didn't cover all of it or a lot of the more advance things fusion offers but i'm confident in a platformer due to a lot of the games we made in the class of free will like you make your own game and it gets graded not by the books lessons were that of platformers or just side-scrollers in general i guess I'm asking if someone can sorta tell me how i would make multiple save files and I'm not sure if the steam version is really different when you upload the game? Any help is encouraged and thanks in advance.

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    You can save using a binary file, ini file or Fusion's built-in extensions.

    I'd recommend you do a search on which one you'd prefer and you'll find a few examples in the forum on how to do it.

    If you use an ini file then each player can have a group in the ini file and tell it so save specific data at the end of a frame. You can write in some code that when a player clicks on his name it will load whatever data is already in that group in the ini file.

    If you want to save in the middle of a level then you'll have to play around with the Fusion extensions that do that - but I've never used them so I can't advise you on them.

    I made an ini file example for someone else here - and this might give you some ideas:

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