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Thread: HTML5 (Limited version), and paid version differences?

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    HTML5 (Limited version), and paid version differences?

    In my CTF v2.5, it appears that in my build options for HTML5, it says 'limited version' in parenthesis (). However I don't remember buying the HTML5 exporter. Did it come included with paid CTF v2.5 Developer? Or is there a difference getting the paid HTML5 exporter, and the one that says limited version? Or do they do the same? I read some html5 exporters put a banner somewhere, but I figured that was for the free trial version. I don't think this is the case here though.

    As I have never used HTML5 exporter before, is it something that it is worth? When I go to export, I get a dialogue for project name and project path. I thought all the export files would go in the base directory where your MFA is located. This is something that I've never seen in the other exporters I used.

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    The free trial version of the HTML5 exporter is included by default in Fusion, it's the same that is included in the free version of Fusion. Limitations = limitations of the free version, i.e. splash screen at the beginning + you can't build html5 apps that:

    - contain more than 3 frames
    - contain frames that contain more than 100 backdrop objects and 30 other objects
    - contain frames that contain more than 150 events
    - and the number of object types and movement extensions supported by this version is very limited

    The exporter creates an entire directory that contains the HTML and resource files. Maybe check the documentation in Distributing/HTML5 apps to see how it works.

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