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Thread: [Bug] Upscaling doesn't work correctly with Direct3D 9

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    [Bug] Upscaling doesn't work correctly with Direct3D 9

    I'm aware this is supposed to go in the bugbox, but it is currently down.

    Suppose I wish to do a pixel-perfect upscale of a game (say 1px is rendered as 3px) I can do this ok in software and Direct3D 8, but there is a rendering bug in Direct3D 9. Something about the upscaling seems to stretch the image. Interestingly I noticed that this upscaling bug also happens for sub-applications but not when scaling sprites.

    I've attached a simple reproduction to illustrate the issue. I have yet to come up with a suitable workaround.
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    Yea I noticed this too... I figured it was a graphics thing (as the way they are handled being drawn) that Direct 9 has odd stretch behaviors. If it really is a bug, that would be interesting.

    That's why I just switched to Direct 8 for pixel perfect sprite scaling for my classic/retro games.

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