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Thread: Problem with image file size. Please, help.

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    Problem with image file size. Please, help.


    Recently noticed that the size of my application is becoming too large. And I found that the image loaded into the clickteam takes several times more space.

    Fox example, the image size is 200kb and app is 1mb. I put the image in the application. Now my app size is 3 Mb. What is this?

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    There could be several things happening.

    The first and most important issue to keep in mind is that Fusion will automatically scale any image up to the nearest power of 2 in order to load it. So if your image is 640x640, Fusion will have to scale this up to 1024x1024 before cropping it down. The image will then be stored in-game with the uncropped filesize. Therefore it is best practice to keep your images at or under a power of 2 with which you're comfortable (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, I personally don't recommend 2048 or 4096 for Fusion).

    You'll also want to check for "Filesize" vs. "Size on Disk" discrepancies. The size on disk can sometimes be a lot larger. I'm not sure what impact this has on Fusion applications though. Most likely it's a sizing issue.

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    Also, image in the Fusion could be stored as an uncompressed image, instead JPG, etc. Try reducing the colors in your images.

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