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Thread: "Burn in" visual bug in objects with transparency

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    "Burn in" visual bug in objects with transparency

    I'm not sure if the problem is exclusive to the android export of the game but it's where I'm able to somewhat consistently recreate the bug.

    So, sometimes objects that are transparent have a kind of "ghosting" or "burn in" of what was in the position of the transparent object at an earlier point of time... I wasn't sure how to recreate the problem until I was working on a pause feature - it seems to happen after tabbing in and out of the game a few times on an android device.
    This issue isn't exclusive to one type of object - each object with transparency (platform masks, shadows, screen flash overlay, etc.) has the same issue when the bug happens. I'll attach a screenshot to show you what I mean but this problem has me scratching my head!
    Any suggestions would be really appreciated!
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