So i made a couple small extensions recently. Mainly made for android, the windows versions doesn't do anything but has an empty shell with all the functions etc.

For some reason these last 2 extensions kept crashing the windows runtime but i still used them for android development and kept updating my .mfa's with them.
Today i tried to sort it out so i could test on windows as well, by copying the json, act/cond/exp into a fresh windows-edif-template (by LB).

So now i have the new versions of the extensions and they work exactly the same (not crashing anymore), with the same names and identifiers set in the ext.json (the previous crashing versions were made with dark-edif)

BUT when i try to load my .mfa, i get the error that the extensions are missing. Is there anyway to work around this and get the new versions to replace the old ones?
There must be some identifier i've missed in addition to the one set in the .json file? because that one is the same, and the extension filename is the same.