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Thread: Sound issue with MSI computers (one speaker only)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wpd View Post
    Initial testing, sound works well on my default sound drivers - MSI GS43VR laptop.
    My speaker 2.1 connected to the Monitor connected to the MiniDisplayport outputting Video and Audio.
    I will try headsets later and stuff. I will PM you if I found any errors. My gf will playtest the game even further in a day or two.

    Game is really good upon couple initial testing of few levels. Really creative
    If you sell the source on clickstore in the future, maybe many will buy, i would. Thank you
    Thanks for the testing, it's highly unlikely that i will opensource this project tho. Also do you have nahimic driver installed? (Was default on my ge73vr)

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    @wii1mii : Running fine on my MSI. I've Realtek HD Audio here.

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