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Thread: [Possible Bug?] Collision between an Active and a Backdrop is "cross-layer" now?

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    Exclamation [Possible Bug?] Collision between an Active and a Backdrop is "cross-layer" now?

    This morning I started having an issue with collision in my game.

    My hitboxes, which are Active objects (obviously) started mysteriously detecting collision with Backdrop objects on 1-2 layers above the layer they're on.
    The hitboxes are on Layer 2 and the Backdrop objects are on Layers 3 and 4. Those Backdrops are supposed to let the player through them, kind of like secret entrances, that's why they're on separate layers from the hitboxes.

    Yesterday everything was working just fine. I didn't touch the Events, the Backdrops or the hitboxes at all since yesterday.
    The Backdrops have always had collision activated on them, until today they let the player go through, since they're on a separate layer from the player and the hitboxes.

    There also are NO EVENTS that set the hitboxes on any other layer than the one they already are on. (which is Layer 2)

    Here are some screenshots:

    Is this a glitch with Clickteam, my MFA, a new "feature" or something else?

    Thank you.

    (the build I have is R291.6 if that helps)

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    Are those collisions physical? Cuz the physics engine does not respect layers.

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