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Thread: Is there a larger "made with clickteam" graphic?

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    Is there a larger "made with clickteam" graphic?

    Pretty much what the title suggests.

    For reference:
    I have a game which is literally inches away from release on the play store. Being a big silly I've made the entire game resolution too large, rather than using a smaller size and scaling up. So everything needs to be big.

    As I have the standard version of clickteam I'm using the "made with clickteam" graphic on the splash screen of my game. As it stands now it's waaaaay too small, or if I scale it up the quality is noticeably awful.
    This is the very first impression of my game, and it NEEDS to be look professional. I'm not comfortable with having such a jarring difference in quality.

    So, is there any larger "made with clickteam" graphics out there? I've had a look around but it was hard enough finding where they kept the normal ones, I can't seem to find anything larger.
    And help would be appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisguri View Post
    Hello, Kisguri, (off-topic.)
    Can you check my private message, thank you in advance for your answer.

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