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Thread: Karaoke app for Windows

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    Karaoke app for Windows

    Hello, I came to demonstrate a program I did in FUSION, a karaoke manager.

    The program is in PORTUGUESBR, I even translated this post via google translator. If you want, I can try to translate the program itself into English.

    NOTE: I did an activation system, but if someone from the forum wants a key, just tell me your email and choose a password that I release on the server the full version.

    I accept suggestions for the project. - click on the karaoke option.

    Karaoke program made for Microsoft Windows that manages the RAF standard, that is, karaoke songs in .mp4 format.

    This program is still in beta, but fully functional. The following features are currently at hand:

    -Option of credits (system of coins) can activate or deactivate.

    - RAF Karaoke System (Number of 5 digits) or system managed by the mouse, where you can search by name of the song, RAF code or author.

    -Option to deactivate or activate the menu during music, where one can choose next song directly by the RAF code while the karaoke is running.

    - Option to activate / deactivate the score at the end of the song.

    -Option to control by ANDROID! (The next line in the queue can choose the song you want to sing on your android phone or tablet and send the song directly to your mobile device when it's on the music selection screen.)

    The program comes with the following executables:

    -Karaoke demo - DEMO version, where after the first song, it closes the program, having to run it again.
    -Karaoke - Complete version, that to work need to be activated (R$ 10,00, single payment).
    -Activator - program to activate karaoke. Future updates will be free).
    -Prepare android - program that sends the lists to the android application.
    -Android.apk - Android program that should be installed on your mobile device. It must be previously configured in the option "Configuration and import of lists".
    -Options - program that allows you to configure karaoke with your options.
    -Insert Music - program that manages the RAF lists of your system. You can create lists with the following options:

    Create lists according to already pre-established relationship. You can create lists from some already pre-existing table. Usually when you buy a list of RAF songs in some electronic commerce, like for example the Free Market, you already receive a list with the relation of the songs. In free editing mode, you copy and paste the list into the program and it matters to karaoke. Remember that we have the national and international lists. Obs2: The .mp4 files should be placed in the "Music" folder manually.

    Create playlist according to songs in a folder (batch) - In this option the program takes all the .mp4 files that are in a specified directory and converts to the list of database of the program. In this option, the user has to rename the files in the format name of the author-name of the music.mp4 (with hyphen) and the program will already copy the files to the "Music" directory and create a code pattern for these files.

    Add files manually - In this option, the program will add a user-specified .mp4 file in the playlist. The user must fill in the author's name, song name and song code (remember to add a 5 digit code that has not already been added or the program will overwrite the file). This option already copies the .mp4 file to the "Music" directory. This option is useful for adding single songs (eg, songs downloaded by youtube).

    You can print the National and International lists registered in the program in the Free Edit mode, to have a printed list of singer, music and code for easy consultation.
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