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Thread: Old Pac Man Example

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    Old Pac Man Example

    I found this digging around in my old flash drives the other day. Honestly, I thought I had lost it. In a nutshell, this was my attempt to make a viable Pac-Man engine based on the information given on Gamasutra's Pac-Man Dossier. Obviously, it's highly unfinished. But the basics are in place and one of the ghosts is functional (barring a couple of glitches).

    I'm more than positive there's far easier ways to achieve the functions in this example, but for now, it's a neat little peek under the hood for anyone curious enough to tinker with it. Looks like I commented on a lot of how it works, but the engine is very very rough.

    • Blinky is the only ghost that is functional. To a certain extent.
    • You have to press the SpaceBar to toggle between the ghost's Chase and Scatter modes, as I hadn't yet finished the functions to toggle them automatically.
    • The Target Tiles the other ghosts are in place and functioning as they should (Press Tab to see them).

    The engine has the following:
    • Player Movement with Cornering
    • Player Deaths
    • Power Pellet Functions
    • Ghost Frightened Mode
    • Ghost Fleeing Mode
    • Stage Clear

    To anyone who would want to finish tinkering with this, I say enjoy. I had fun working on it.

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    Smile wow

    amazing, cheers for download

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