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Thread: Ideas for object whirl(spin) through 360░ degrees from any angle

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    Ideas for object whirl(spin) through 360░ degrees from any angle

    How could I solve this effectively?
    The start situation is an object that rotates slowly around its own axis clockwise infinitely and I want to implement this behaviour:
    Start fast rotation on command from current angle with constant speed until being turned through 180 degrees.
    At this point reduce rotation speed dynamically to zero for the next 180░ and continue with slow rotation.
    One 360░ spin should be fast enough to finish in 1 second.

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    Hey! I made something, it works fine for higher initial rotation speeds (minimum of 20░ step) but I had trouble delaying the deceleration over 180░ for smaller initial speeds. What it does tho is taking the frame rate into account and it makes sure that one rotation is finished within one second. Mabe you can work with it. Code is commented. Cherrs!

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    Hello @Wodjanoi ,

    I made something that I think meets what you're asking for. It doesn't use delta time like Julian's solution, but I think it looks nice if you tweak the speed values of the spinner (LO and HI)

    I used a modify range expression to convert the distance the angle has traveled during the final half spin to a value that is in a range between LO speed and HI speed, so it decelerates to LO speed by the end (most likely not the right way to do it, but it works ). If you want the spinner to be be counterclockwise, uncheck the "clockwise" flag.

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