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Thread: Best way to do a Quest log system?

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    Question Best way to do a Quest log system?

    I would like to implement a fairly simple Quest log system into my game, similair to the one in World of Warcraft where each quest is shown in a list and if you mark one of the quests it shows a text that describes the quest.


    Is there some sort of extension that can help with this or what would be the best way to approach this? Any example files out there?
    I've been searching through the forums but cannot find anything helpful.

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    I have done a few. It could've been done better probably but I use a listobject for the quests and a string object for the quest info. Depending on how far you are into the quest I use global values to keep track of the info that should be displayed. I'm gonna build a new log soon and hopefully I can do it smarter :-)

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    I would use an array and a list object to store the data and strings. Basically, store a 0 or 1 in the array for whether the quest is open or completed. Then have a corresponding line in your list that has the quest name. If you need info for the quest, then make a new list object that holds the quest info and set it up to have each line correspond to the array as well.

    For easy editing, I would keep your strings in an external text file and load them at the start of your frame into the list object.

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