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Thread: Mode 9 ( a very dumb idea )

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    Red face Mode 9 ( a very dumb idea )

    Hi, this is a dumb forum post. Your welcome

    I have been tinkering around with Mode 7 EX extension.
    Saying there are NO GOOD 3D engines for Fusion 2.5 ( that are free ) i am making my own or at the very least, a modified version of a extension.

    I chose Mode 7 because why the hell not. Its a lot smaller then OpenGL which is a far bigger job then i can handle.

    Why i am posting this you may ask, because A. I get a little noticed and B. Cuz why the hell not :/

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    Thumbs up

    Mode 9?! Yeah, why not?!

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    What modifications can we expect?

    The mode 7 extension currently seems to have an issue with mapping objects. I can't remember what sparks it - either once you hit a certain number of objects then objects will start mapping to the "3d" world incorrectly.

    Some features that would be nice to have in Mode 7:

    Being able to rotate around a point or object. This is possible in Mode 7 as-is, but its hacky and its also VERY choppy no matter how you handle it.

    Being able to change object directions based off of the angle and positioning of the camera (Again, possible, but very hacky and difficult.)

    Ability to map from the 2d plane into the "3d" world without having to input the formulas manually.

    Hardware Acceleration? Doesn't Mode 7 not support this?

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    I have found a hack way to make a large scale open world using Mode 7 and the Surface object. I draw the map onto the Surface object, save it as a picture, then load it into Mode 7. When you're going to the next area, it'll move everything over, redraw the new map using fastloops, then repeat the process. Those fastloops get REALLY extensive when you try to handle larger map sizes and it freezes the application for almost 30 seconds between loading times, and having to save and load large picture files between them only compounds the problem. If this project is still in development, I think it'd be really helpful if we could update, especially small of pieces, what's being rendered in Mode 7 in real time.

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