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Thread: Allowed to convert to monogame?

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    Allowed to convert to monogame?

    Curious, are we allowed to take our exported XNA games and convert them to Monogame? I know its pretty easy to do but per the license, would this be something we're allowed to do if we want to port our games to consoles and other platforms? I was curious about this a few years ago and I'm still curious about it

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    I looked at the licence and it looks like that you have a "non-exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free license to incorporate object code copies of the Runtime in to or with the Application and to copy, distribute, display and perform the Application subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement"
    The rest of the agreement didnt say anything else that has smething to do with your question.

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    You are not allowed to do anything which reverse engineers or modifies the runtime or our proprietary file formats (MFA, cch and others) in any way without express permission, so if you need to do this in order to convert to monogame then this would be prohibited.

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